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If you are curious about working with me, connect with me and we can have a powerful coaching conversation.


You want to create a fulfilling life as a modern man, where work, relationships and family enrich each other and you feel able to express your self in all areas of your life.

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People who have achieved amazing success in their world.

Their success is defined their way. They sometimes want more success, a higher quality of success or just to learn how to celebrate their success on their journey so far.

People who want to step up to their next level and have a bigger impact in the world. 

My clients sometimes feel they have plateaued, or they feel that they have become disconnected from important parts of their lives, be it relationship with others or themselves, their work or that they have lost sight of their purpose. Whatever the reasons, they want to take action to make the significant changes that will affect their world and beyond. 

People who have been through experiences that have challenged them to ask deeper or greater questions of themselves and the world they have created. 

This means my clients have been moved to take action and are willing to commit to learning and growing so they can step into a new world. There is a stirring, an insight, that has got them wanting to ask greater questions of themselves in service of creating an incredible life changing transformation.  

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I was made redundant and was worried about what my future held. My confidence was at an all time low and self belief was nonexistent. I wanted a life coach that would help me sort all of this out. Or I thought that’s what I needed.

My journey with Wayne was very different than what I thought it would be. He made me realise that instead of running towards the next job as fast as I could, I needed to stop and look around me and learn to relax. Learning to do this and accept myself exactly the way I am and not trying to change myself drastically, meant that I learned to love myself again. 

Instead of going for jobs and wanting to make sure I was perfect for them, the whole situation turned on its head and I started looking for jobs that were perfect for me. My confidence has grown, myself believe is back and due to this, I’m starting my dream job next week. Wayne is incredible and he makes you look at yourself in a whole new way. Thanks Wayne , I’m glad I found you.

Rachel Boyle, Financial Controller, PowerON Platforms

Wayne is an outstanding coach. He has supported me to unpack my complex and manic lifestyle. Taking time to listen, asking great questions then using silence in a powerful and supportive way. 
To gain a deep response, the use of visual representation has provided me with clarity, vision and purpose to progress towards a new exciting future. Thanks, Wayne. You are a star.

Simon Errington, Founder, Gundog HR & Development

 When I started having coaching sessions with Wayne Cullen my confidence was pretty low and I had difficulty finding a path forward. I am now so much more confident and have started running my own business from home. His expert guidance and support has been invaluable.

Sue Slane, Art Entrepreneur

Wayne is an excellent life coach who has helped me to realise that I have all the tools necessary to get the most out of life.

Wayne's approach is calm and thoughtful, but he is not afraid to tell you how it is; this approach helped me to realise that it is up to me to make the necessary changes to succeed in life.

The moment when Wayne helped me to discover my life purpose will stay with me for ever.

Thanks for everything Wayne.

Mark B.

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