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I was a fairly quiet child, the youngest of four brothers. I often would live in their shadow growing up, not really finding my voice or place until I changed schools at the age of 9 where for two years I found my place and the joy of being me without being compared to my brothers. I really was awesome.


However, I seemed to lose my way again as I returned to the shadows when I went to the same senior school as them - being in the shadows seemed to be my place. Well that's how it seemed at the time.  As I went through my teenage years, this is were I stayed most of the time. I did rebel, like most teenagers, but I seemed to find it easier not the be seen or really heard. 

Then the unthinkable happened. My eldest brother was killed in a house fire when I was 19, which created a huge gap in my life and that of my family.  This would shape my world for years to come even though I thought it didn't. 

Even with the trauma of that event, I still went on to be successful, always looking for ways to lead others, and help people grow. But, I knew there was something missing and I knew I was playing in my comfort zone for fear of getting hurt or being seen.  It was always there, hazy in the background and I struggled to really appreciate my successes because of it and to live my life to its potential.    

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What is amazing is that my own coaching journey has reconnected me to that awesome young spirit. I want to be seen and heard for who I really am. 
My clients work with me because I am willing to share my gift and abilities to help them see their world differently.
I have an innate ability to share my power with my clients to help them reconnect to theirs.
My mission is to help you find yours and go and live it!

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