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A Journey of powerful personal leadership

Sat on the Rocks


Let's admit it. We all at some stage believed we would have the perfect life, that we would be living the dream. Even though you have created amazing success, you have money, material things, a comfortable life - the life you thought you should be living, there is something missing. The trouble is you feel that there is more to life and that you are holding back from living life at it's fullest.

This programme is about a journey of powerful personal leadership. It's about connecting with yourself and others in a more profound, authentic and deeper way. It's about awakening the parts of you that have been lost through, social upbringing, outdated beliefs, self-sabotage and your own self-imposed upper limits.  It about challenging the way you see yourself and others.

What if your next level of success was not 'out there' in a promotion or career change, but was from within? 

What would be possible from that place?

The programme is designed to help you start to build your mental fitness and resilience. Improving these will help you awaken your innate intelligence and unlock your inner confidence.

When reconnected to both of these, you will have the best tools you will ever need to make the right decisions and choices to move you on to your next level. 

Through the program, you will be able to share your own journey and be witnessed by 4 other men who will be sharing theirs.  



The purpose of this group is to help you become a truly conscious, self-aware man in today's world, where you will come from a place of strong personal leadership. This programme is for you if:

  • You want to find the joy of being you again.

  • You are ready to stop limiting yourself and be seen in your wholeness.

  • You love challenging yourself to develop and step up to your next level.

  • You want to have deeper, more meaningful relationships with the important people in your life.

  • You are curious about what you are capable of on your path to self mastery.


  • See and believe that creating change in your life is possible and the rewards for doing so are truly transformational.

  • Increase your impact with greater personal leadership.

  • Become stronger, more confident, focused, balanced and grounded.

  • Develop the skills, attitudes and mindsets to help you live a truly fulfilling life. 

  • Know when to be strong and tender in the right situations.

  • Have the confidence to make the decisions that will enhance your professional and personal life, that will give you more abundance in love, money and success.



The process will be organic in nature as you will all be at different stages on your journey. This is absolutely fine. It reflects where we are all at. The beauty and advantage of group work, is that you will learn and have insights from watching others be coached.

The sessions will be varied in approach. Some will be just me coaching one or two of you in a session and in others everyone will be coached individually and all together. By mixing it up, we will allow and encourage alternative ways of learning and unfolding. 

The space we create will always be one of non-judgement and honesty in service of personal growth. 



  • The program will be run over a 5 week period with a two hour online call each week. There are 5 spots available on the programme. 

  • In between the sessions you are given 'homework' to do and report back on at the start of each session. 

  • You will have access to a private Facebook group with me and the other men in the program to support each other as we go through the journey. 

  • I will also offer further support with ways you can stay connected as a group while you implement your learning into your world.   

  • One to One coaching call one month after the programme has finished to deepen your new awareness and see what is next for you.   

The investment for the 5 week programme is currently £500 for one off payment, or two instalments of £275. 

If you are interested contact me for the next available program. 


Are you curious about where this might take you? Then connect with me and we can talk.

Thanks for submitting!

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